2014 European MJU - Zrenjanin, Serbia

Its wonderful when people just want to turn up to study the Bible. We had a study for a number of hours and as the study continued the people continued to come. We could not fit everyone in this photo. We studied about the water that flows from the rock that was struck in Mt Horeb showing the symbol of living water that flows from the sacrifice of Christ. We then compared this to the timing of when sacrifices were offered in 2 Chron 8:12,13 as special times when the flowing of the Spirit is more accessible to God's people if they come in faith to drink the living water. We also had a time of blessing where more came forward to hear the words "You are my beloved child in whom I am well pleased in Christ Jesus. Thank you Father for the opportunity to share the gospel in Jesus name.

 — with with Nenad Blažin,Borislav SubotinKarolina Carol SubotinBranko Trbusic and Bill H Cave.