Identity Wars U.S.A. and Europe Missionary Journey Updates
to Oct 17

Identity Wars U.S.A. and Europe Missionary Journey Updates

We began a mission trip through the U.S and Europe. We will be sharing with you updates of our journey and pictures of the beautiful people we met with whom we’ve had sweet fellowship.

We shared Identity Wars which was one of the main themes, had Bible studies, shared books and study materials along the way, encouraged each other with personal testimonies and sang beautiful songs of praise and worship to our Father. 

For the most part the journey was planned yet the clear leading of our Father took us through places we had not planned to visit and brought us in contact with some dear families who were pleased to have us. It was certainly wonderful to also meet a brother who traveled 450kms to study with us. Half of that distance was done on a bike.

Our meetings had been attended with a sweet spirit and in many places people who came were blessed with the simple truth that they are Gods beloved children in whom He delights in Christ Jesus. 

Truly we have seen the gentle work of the Spirit on people's hearts and several decisions for Christ the only begotten Son of God were made. The memories of these events are a treasure, the hospitality extended us, the hard work of those who helped organize these meetings and the spirit of love and fellowship from friends new and old was a real blessing.

Thank you Father for hearts opened to the joy of true sonship and daughtership to God through Christ and for the opportunity to share the gospel in Jesus name.

The journey is ongoing... looking forward to the meetings ahead and to seeing many of you for the first time!

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