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Identity Wars Audiobook (All titles in one zip file)

File Size: 227 MB

Individual titles can be downloaded below


1. The Duracell Tree

File Size: 12.6 MB

2. The Fountain of Life

File Size: 18 MB

3. Near to the Heart of God

File Size: 11.5 MB

4. The Family Kingdom

File Size: 8.21 MB

5. Family Crisis

File Size: 9.77 MB

6. Hell on Earth

File Size: 19 MB

7. Heaven’s Lifeline

File Size: 10.09 MP

8. Comparing the Two Kingdoms

File Size: 8.07 MB

9. The Heart of Babylon

File Size: 13.9 MB

10. Breaking the Chains of the Duracell

File Size: 17 MB

11. Opening the Gates of Heaven 

File Size: 8.86 MB

12. Life Powered by the Duracell

File Size: 9.39 MB

13. Stairway to Heaven 

File Size: 12.6 MB

14. Same Gods, Different Names

File Size: 14.7 MB

15. How Do You Read? 

File Size: 8.45 MB

16. No Longer a Servant

File Size: 8.99 MB

17. The Fall of Babylon 

File Size: 12.4 MB